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A brief history

Great Careers Service

Midnight 30 Ltd created Great Services to bring brands and job seekers together.

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Prominent branding

Job seekers see who is recruiting so they find companies whose values align with their own before they apply.

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Precise office location

Job seekers find jobs they can commute to. Companies don't waste time dealing with people who live too far away.

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One application form

No one likes form filling but Great Careers takes much of the pain away.

Candidates fill their details in once and Great Careers sends the information directly to the hiring company.

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Smart forms

Great Careers uses national census questions to standardise data collection.

Ethnicity information is a good example of census data collectors having defined a robust data schema.

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Even smarter forms

Great Careers tailors applications for each job so only the information required by the employer is displayed.

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24/7 job hunting

Great Careers continues to search for jobs even when the job seeker isn't using the app.


Great Careers App

The app is written in 100% Swift so that it's totally aligned to the APIs provided by Apple.

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Great Careers Servers

The servers are hosted by Google Cloud and Amazon AWS.

Our Jupiter servers employs Google Talent Solution and App Engine for job content indexing and searching. Written in Python.

Our Juno servers employ AWS Lambda, DynamoDB and S3 to manage user accounts and content. Written in Python.

Our Joro spiders parse the job content from our employer brands. Each spider is written in Python.


Midnight 30 Ltd and its Great Careers service closed in April 2020.


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